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packs of TIES

This is what a high quality tie, like ours, can offer: it embodies tradition, which only years of experience in the sector can offer, accuracy of details and precision that is still based on the manual work of skilled seamstresses.


We only use "made in Como" fabrics: thanks to the collaboration with weaving and printing companies in the silk district of Como, we can produce silk, wool and cotton products; we also have polka dots, solid colors and different patterns in various colors and combinations to create always different ties and accessories.


We can pack all types of tie:

- the classic 3 folds, with lining of the same fabric or of different color;

- the unlined, with the particular hand hemming synonymous with craftsmanship;

- the 5 and 7 folds, both with lining and unlined;

- finally we can also make tailored ties, choosing length and width, with in addition the embroidery, always by hand, of your initials or a date.



"A man without a tie is an ordinary man" (Winston Churchill)

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